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Danish Open in Massage Techniques 2024

Danish open is an international competition for massage therapists.

Date of competition: March 2-3, 2024.

Massage categories:

1.       Swedish massage (Western massage including classical massage, sports massage, MFR, MET, neuromuscular techniques etc.

2.       Asian Massage (Thai massage, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Ayurveda etc.)

3.       Wellness massage (Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, spa massage, lymph drainage, hoilistic massage etc)

4.       Free Style (Combination of different types of massage, self treatment, mobilization, cupping, massage with tools etc)

5.       Chair Massage (both Asian and Western inspired massage)

6.       Sportsmassage

Participants are informed, that the judges at the competition are capable of evaluating the individual treatment and please note, that a treatment can be placed in several categories.

Contest area:
The contest area has 3 massage areas. There will be massage tables, massage chairs and mattresses. Participants also commit to being recipients of massage carried out by other participants.

The position of the table or mattress that each contestant will use is going to be chosen by draw.
The height of the table will be adjusted by each contestant.

The Judges:
The promoter selects the judges in cooperation with Danish Massage Associations (BFM, Dansk Behandlerforbund, Dakobe and DMT) and international partners.

In the final:
Spectators who are trained massage therapists can give 1 point in the final to the contestant they find the best. Recipients of massage (highly trained Danish massage therapists) can provide up to 6 points. The main judges can reward the contestant with 3 points.

The judges will evaluate the contestants based on:

1. Body ergonomics and safety
2. Quality of techniques
3. Range of techniques

For further information please contact:

Jeppe Tengbjerg
Tel.: (+45) 20 21 21 98

Be aware that foreigners can win the Danish Open and call themselves Danish Open winner. But they can not call themselves Danish champion, as this requires that they are a Danish Citizen.